Ultimately, a display's sole purpose is to showcase the product.

Whether this is accomplished with a minimalist display that lets your product speak to the consumer, or a display that is an integral part of the customer experience, a well-designed and executed display will enhance the sales potential of your product. Our experienced design team can assist in assessing your needs, and work with you to design & develop a custom solution to enhance your product's image, and help build your brand.
At RGI, production timing and scheduling is critical.

Timing is everything when it comes to product launches, and our production & management group will work closely with you to provide accurate, real time access to the current status of your order. Whether it is a rush order, or a project that we jointly develop over a longer term, we have the personnel, equipment, and expertise to meet your needs.
We can design & build a unique display that is custom suited to your specific needs.

With our extensive experience with all forms of Wire, Sheet metal, Tubing, Plastics, and Wood and always in touch with the latest technologies, materials and finishes, we can accommodate any look that is required for your project.
Quality is something we take very seriously. With QC processes at various stages of planning, and production, packing, and distribution, any potential issues are caught and addressed at the earliest possible stage in the production cycle. Producing a quality product and having a satisfied customer are paramount to the continued success of our business.
We have the experience, knowledge and partnerships to handle all your logistical needs.

We handle nationwide rollouts, as well as local deliveries. Properly designed packaging & labeling will ensure that even the most fragile items will get delivered intact, and on time - the first time.

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